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Type of bottle generates colic in your baby

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"It is not normal for a baby to have cramping or reflux; This is due to the type of bottle used; This can generate bubbles in your stomach and cause discomfort to small children, "said Juan J. Diaz Miranda, a specialist in Critical Medicine and Pediatric Intensive Care.

In an interview for, Mario de AgГјero, CEO of Evenflo, says: "We are a company that is very concerned about the health of our users, that's why we have just launched our Evenflo Advanced line, that prevents gases and colics from being generated in babies, because thanks to the technology with which bottles are made, aerophagia is avoided ".

What is it?

According to pediatrician Diaz Miranda, aerogaphy literally means "eating air," and it consists of the excessive accumulation of air in the stomach, which causes dilation in this organ.

In infants, the accumulation is the result of the repeated suctions that the baby makes when hungry, as well as when it does not fit well to be nursed.

"Aerophagia is detected by clear symptoms: belching, heaviness in the upper part of the stomach and inappetence, but thanks to this line of bottles, gas, colic and refluxes are significantly reduced".

For his part, Mario de AgГјero points out that this type of bottle allows babies to have a relaxed, stress-free diet and facilitates the transaction of the breast to the bottle.

The cost of these products, of which there are for all stages of the baby, range between 250 and 300 pesos, which has an affordable cost for parents to offer the best bottle to his children. You decide!


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