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How to Find Popular Calgary Concert Tickets

How to Find Popular Calgary Concert Tickets

Have you ever really wanted to go to a popular show near you in Calgary? Maybe it was your favorite rock star, broadway show or sports team. And the moment you go online to get tickets, they were all sold out way ahead of the show?

The truth is, the concert ticket market in Calgary is stacked against you higher than a Vegas casino. A venue that accommodates 20,000 wild fans can sell out in about the time it takes for you to log into your computer.

Before tickets even go on sale, entire batches are claimed by the artist’s own organization, corporate sponsors, season pass holders, and others. Nearly 20 percent of available seats are gone by the time you click to purchase your tickets. And unlike when purchasing airline tickets, where you can get a good deal at the last minute, waiting until the last minute to purchase event tickets just doesn’t work.

But never fear! You still have options. Here are some of the best ticket sites that are better than Ticketmaster if you want to get awesome seats at popular, hard-to-get-into shows and events.

list of upcoming concerts

Because so many groups and organizations have access to the best seats before you do and you really want to get good seats for the show ), your best bet is to track down and purchase tickets on the internet. That’s really where all the best seats are anyway. is one of the most popular resale ticket marketplaces. When you visit the site it’ll detect your location based on your IP address and present you with a list of upcoming shows in your area that you can purchase tickets for.

Even when tickets are sold out elsewhere, you’ll be able to find some good seats available at this site.
This is one of the best places to purchase concert tickets, but keep in mind that you’re probably going to have to pay above face value to get those seats.