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Love is the answer

Love is the answer

Richard Curtis is probably neither my nor your favorite director. It does not matter how many times we look at "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Notting Hill," "That's Love." No matter how many times his films improve our mood, we will not take his work seriously, because he's making romantic comedies! The whole paradox lies in the fact that it is his latest project "Time for love", not for example sublime European cinema, he put me on my feet after a hopeless autumn day. Hypocrisy? I admit guilt. This is interesting, because films about time travel are clichés, which in subsequent scenarios and subsequent productions have been reduced to a poor film boring the audience. So we have a redhead with a British accent who on the day of his twenty-first birthday learns that like all other men in his family he can go back to the past. It checks the patent, it turns out that it works great, it starts to use new possibilities regularly. Curtis' movie, so the hero will definitely look for love in this way.
Curtis' movie, so it will definitely be shown from various angles. Curtis' movie, so you will definitely cry at the final. The Domhnall Gleeson-Rachel McAdams duet may seem a bit exotic at first. A medium-adorable Irishman and a duty sweet American, it did not have to go well. It was, however, worth the risk, because this mix has its own unique charm on the screen. Pay attention to the scene in Mary's apartment, right after the first dinner together. What happened there .... I'm starting to smile even now when I think about it. Besides ... second plan. Bill Nighy plays the first violin.
Relaxed, affectionate, funny, ready to hug anyone anytime. I'm sure that many viewers would like to have the father that he played in this Nighy movie. In turn, Lydia Wilson or eccentric Harry (Tom Hollander) are an artistic disorder in the background, without which the plot could become dangerously lured.
But what is "Time for love" at all? How about what? About love! We know these stories, we've heard them, we have seen them so many times.
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So what? Richard Curtis reminds the audience for the hundredth time that ordinary moments are the most valuable in life. Morning at the side of a loved one, a ping-pong match with a father, family tea. What makes us happy is completely immaterial, and beauty is around us, it is enough to open our eyes wide. Sometimes it is not worth changing anything, going back to the past, wondering "what would happen if ...". It is worth living a present, appreciating it and being grateful for it. Richard Curtis makes us aware of the strength that lies in the family that will always be for us, regardless of successes or failures. I had a bad, very bad day. Thank God someone else is shooting such films - without great gusts, twists and amazing complications. "Time for love" is a story about ordinary people, in the ordinary world, extremely happy.
I wish the latter myself and everyone in excess.