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A short review of the funniest Polish comedy

A short review of the funniest Polish comedy



"I do not like monday" is certainly one of the best productions of Polish cinematography. Despite the passage of over thirty years since its inception, it still enjoys a multitude of devotees of all ages.


The plot of the film takes place in the 1970s, or more precisely - September 15 in Warsaw, on Monday. The film tells about the unlucky tragedies of various random people on the unlucky first day of the week, who came to the capital on business or live there. It all starts with the arrival of the Italian industrialist Francesco Romanelli to Warsaw in order to sign the contract. The director of Maszynohurt is supposed to pick him up from the airport, but unfortunately he is trapped in the elevator of the office building. In the meantime, Okecie goes to error. The group of highlanders together with the orchestra greets Romanelli, in the belief that he is their compatriot from Chicago ... At the same time, Zygmunt Bączyk from Sulęcice arrives by train, who is looking for dreblinek in the capital for a combine harvester.


Already at the very beginning he gets into a conflict with a taxi driver who later will race around the city, because the Sulecice buyer did not pay him for the course ... In the film, we will also meet a nice policeman riding a motorbike with his child, because in kindergarten there is an epidemic, an artist of modern art who "borrows" raw materials and construction equipment and we will see a bank robbery. This comedy abounds in hilarious gags and innumerable tragicomic situations. First-class humor, well-chosen cast and fast, interesting action are certainly the advantages of this production. I recommend a film for both adults and young.


I am sure that he will please all of you, as much as I am. .